Family special $29.00

  1. medium pizza 1 topping , 1 pasta , 1 salad and garlic knots


Excellent American Italian Restaurant in Camarillo

Welcome to Tony’s Pizza Bros, the best American Italian joint in Camarillo! Whether you’re looking for an elegant sit-down meal or a quick pizza to go, we can h... Learn more

Handmade Pasta & Pizzas

We don’t mind whether you like yours thick or thin. Our pizzaiolos can make your pizza NY-style, deep dish, or any other way for that matter. It is said that to... Learn more

Our Attentive Staff

Our restaurant is full of highly qualified staff who have spent several years giving awesome taste experiences to customers. It's never a dull moment around the... Learn more


Specialty Pizza

Specialty Pizza
NY Style Pizza
Fresh Salad
Oven Toasted Subs (Sides: Fries, Chips)

Specialty Pizza


ORDER NOW Thin crust dough, rich pizza sauce,... Learn more

Pizza Mexicana

ORDER NOW Chorizo , Onion, , Tomatoes, Cilant... Learn more

The Combo (Supreme)

ORDER NOW A combination of sausage, pepperoni... Learn more

Bruschetta Pizza

ORDER NOW Tomatoes, Mozzarella, Basil, Olive ... Learn more

Lunch Specials

lunch specials
Bacon Cheese Burger

ORDER NOW Bacon, Cheese, Onion, Lettuce, Tomato, Mob sauce , fries 

Lunch Pizza Special

ORDER NOW 1 Slice 2 Toppings, Salad, and Can of Soda

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Jesus Varela

2 days ago
Highly recommend this place. The best pizza and my GoTo spot for food whenever I visit the city! My good friend Kevin Chay is the best cook ...
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Josue Facio

8 days ago
I was told by the cashier that they were under new ownership and i will be 100% honest i was a bit skeptical. To me and my daughters surpris...
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